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Young Businesswomen

What is my purpose?

Identifying your strengths and skills and transforming them into relevant market value is WHAT I do. I do it by focusing on your goals and providing exceptional customer service.


Gather Momentum offers career movers and job seekers intelligent, practical tools and thought leadership. With the bright future ahead in 2023, it's time to prepare for your next career move. Are you ready?

Today's hiring managers and stakeholders only read some resumes. Many employers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to digitally scan your resume for keyword alignment with their job listing.  Your hard work could remain unseen if your resume isn't crafted with this in mind. 


I don't write resumes for only computers to read! Once selected as a potential candidate, how will your resume engage the hiring manager spending an average of just ten seconds reading your document? With Gather Momentum resumes, showcase experience and relevance through an exciting custom design that will get noticed.


Gather Momentum provides straightforward, effective job search products, personal branding techniques, a curated journal of informative articles, and advice from leading experts. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Kirstin Lincoln, MBA

My career spans over 25 years, building on success by focusing on cultivating intelligence, demonstrating integrity, and creating authentic connections.

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