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Group of candidates waiting to be interviewed.

Modern resumes help you reach career goals! 

Gather Momentum logo

What do you want to achieve in your career in the coming year?

Prioritize what matters most in your work life.  Take a step forward, set goals, and make a plan to achieve them!

Gather Momentum logo representing movement.

Have you experienced a recent job loss and are uncertain where to go?
Identify your core strengths, skills, and qualifications.  Leverage your job search by aligning experience with what employers are seeking today.

Gather Momentum logo representing movement.

Do you need a modern resume to showcase your value and expertise? 

We specialize in creating well-researched, customized resumes.  Set yourself apart in the competitive 2023 job market.  

Gather Momentum delivers intelligent, effective tools and thought partnerships to career movers. 



  • professionally researched and customized 

  • keyword optimized to your specific job target 

  • modern layout designed and formatted for ease of reading and ATS scanning



  • employers are 40% more likely to review resumes that include a cover letter

  • personalized thank-you notes provide another opportunity to make a great impression




  • showcase the skills developed over your career 

  • engage readers with stories of your success

  • this profile should not be a resume repeat



  • prepare answers, and practice for the tough questions you are about to receive

  • familiarize yourself with the company, culture, and value proposition




Resume Products & Services 

Image representing emergence.


Resume service created for recent graduates and those early in their careers.  


Setting goals and creating a plan for future growth is essential in choosing the right path. It may seem intimidating; let me help! 

Image representing acceleration.

 A complete resume explicitly designed for candidates with 5+ years' experience
Are you ready to grow in an organization, taking on new roles or responsibilities? Be prepared for when the right opportunity finds you.  

Image representing a pivot in direction.

Resume service for people motivated to advance their career with an industry change. 

Has a role in a new industry become of interest?  If you are ready to change professional altogether, this is the plan for you! 

Image representing multiple lines for additional services.

Are you overwhelmed by your never-ending "to-do" list? Or maybe you do not know where to begin the process.

Please select an area of interest, or create your own idea of how I can help in your job search!

Recent Testimonials

Jennifer, Sept '22


Career of 7 years. 

I can't recommend Gather Momentum enough. I am beyond impressed with how thorough Kirstin and her company were in analyzing my professional documents.


The recommendations to enhance my resume were comprehensive, specific to my field, and thoughtful. Kirstin and her team were professional and prompt in responding to my request.


If you elect to utilize Gather Momentum in any capacity, rest assured that your expectations will be exceeded.

Joseph, Apr '21


Career of 6 years. 

I had been in the same role for over six years and was ready for change, but each application submitted was rejected. I had no idea why; I had plenty of work experience. The thought that my outdated resume was holding me back only occurred to me after I found this service.


Kirstin created a resume focused on my accomplishments and value. A few weeks after it was completed, I was offered my dream job! I am totally convinced that Gather Momentum's service was the game changer.  


I cannot recommend her work enough!! 

Karen, May '21


Career of 28 years. 

After many years in the same business/ career, I searched for new challenges and opportunities.  My resume was outdated, and I felt overwhelmed navigating today's job market.  I didn't know where to begin until I discovered Gather Momentum. 


Kirstin is a true professional! She updated my resume, highlighting my strengths and accomplishments and advising me every step of the way during my interview process.


I highly recommend Kirstin and Gather Momentum.  

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